Libra and Aquarius

Libra and Aquarius, both Air signs, have one of the highest compatibility of the zodiac. They are always in search of wellness and a relationship between them will be what most benefits them. Both signs are balanced and very stable. This makes the relationships between them also very stable and last the longest. They are not people who change partners, so when they start their relationship, they will not be easily separated. In terms of social life, both like to have an active social life and enjoy being with friends.

However, they know how to find moments of intimacy where they can dedicate to themselves. They are signs with very strong values that will be transmitted to their family so they know how to face life. There are not many things that they can withstand while being together, and they know how to find solutions to all the problems that life presents to them. They are signs that have a lot of vitality that is contagious that offer to all some of the best friendships. They care for their own, which makes also are very dear to friends.

On the sexual plane, these signs are complemented to perfection in everything and sex is no different. They will not need many words to make the most of their relationships and seek ultimate pleasure for each other.

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