Libra Weekly Horoscope

From April 22 to April 28

Work: In this week the relations with fellow workers and partners will be very good, as much in the businesses as in the affective thing… you will receive extra entrances or by increases or commissions. Take advantage of this good gust of wind to obtain the businesses that consider advantageous, labor purchase of properties or changes. And learn to enjoy moment of the, the good businesses also can stress it. It lives this excellent economic gust of wind without neglecting to friends and family. Learn to administer his times. The week will be closed with labor high expectations. Agreements and pleasing and decisions will accompany very beneficial it. It projects in group, will not regret.

Love: This week content and protected by its partner will feel, it has if it, or by very near friends if it only is. This will offer the security to you that as much it requires. He is kind to the calls or your heart. Towards end of the week a bad sentimental situation can happen, by internal confusions… remember that if does not walk by a personal internal way the message that it sends to the Universe will be doubtful, singles, on the other hand they will be those that can support better this bad situation. The sky bets to the union and consolidation, you also bet UD. Under the compassionate Moon guardian it constructs its new dwelling in the forest, Venus will arrive to fill it of flowers, beauty and sensuality.

Health: Try to improve his vital state, it is good for leaving stroll to share good moments or only, try to walk or to jog regularly. Also health is necessary it to have friends, does of host and chef, organizes a celebration, a trip programmed in good company. Take care of yourself of foods in evil been, won or without refrigeration, this week its diet can harm it, well-beware with excesses in celebrations or meetings, try to eat of more natural form to activate your natural health. And learn to enjoy moment of the, the good moments also can stress it. Smallest might suffer accidents, controls a little more to children of the house with this sign.

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