Libra Weekly Horoscope

From September 18 to September 24

Work: It is not good day for companies of businesses, maintain a low profile at your work and waits for better moment for reclamations or new societies. Your deductions during this week will be precise and very right. Manual work can be dangerous by distraction… today is a day think about everything he worries what it and to make intelligent decisions. Good day for the studies, examinations and to be decided by a race. An economic agreement or society with a person of Leo can get to be a success. It asks advice people with east Earth signs month. Beware with societies with Gemini, might be broken definitively.

Love: Get used to give and to receive in equal measure, can get to unbalance the relation too overgrown or too distant partner for being. The change that anxiety for a long time is about to arrive, does not stop, the way will be showing the advances to you each step. Discover hidden abilities that never one dared to show not even to yourself… begins a true time of change, acts agreed to the circumstances and take advantage to make a major decision to you will offer great satisfactions… The social relations will be modified by ill-disposed words, can be prevented this disaster being sincere with your affection. Warm that will find in your partner you will affect it. Benefit of the pandering and feel yourself contained to advance in your goals. Try to calm.

Health: If one is stressed out or tired the best thing are structurals massages DES, a stroll outdoors and a session of pandering. Look for the positive side of each situation, the education of every moment, to rescue it and to define better your destiny. Today it is a day to follow your Intuitions, must be kind about your sixth sense to be able to provide solution to an imminent problem, an assault or a disadvantage that can be serious. Use your greater talent to leave ahead. Mixed emotions again will generate conflicts, do not want to change your partner, each partner has a way to be. One does not go of the ray with food controls, a diet heals it is what you do need, but do not exaggerate.

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