Libra Monthly Horoscope

May 2024

In this period you have to leave your tendency to please others, and you have to prepend your wellbeing for the desire to get along with everyone. Time to take a series of important decisions is coming, and you cannot let the choices you make be guided by the desire (legitimate but wrong) not to create conflict, to give everyone what it corresponds to you and your efforts but no one can obey more than one master, it ends up not serving any. Libra, you are, in the zodiac, the one you call to keep the balance between opposites. It is your peace, your negotiation tactics, your desire that everyone gets what he deserves. However, it is not the best strategy when under all the fighting and you find yourself meeting your needs. Do not remove the bread from your mouth to feed others: we must teach them the art of making bread. Nothing good will be gained if you try to live the life of others. You need a break from this give and give. You have to see for yourself. Or else going to vanish as an individual, as a professional, as a lover. We must recognize the right of others to grow without our help, and our receiving what we deserve by our own efforts. If we try to please someone, that is our own sense of the requirement, in our desire for perfection. Do not live under the expectations of others, which could only lead to disappointment. Trying to please others is useless, because it will never be enough, and that what we give them is something obtained without effort, they will not value it.

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