Libra Monthly Horoscope

November 2022

This will be a month full of contrasts and energy: losses and gains in all areas. What will be the ending balance? Know it; take it to your advantage, which is the task that suits you. We can tell you have a good financial time towards the middle of the month, and many debts will be paid, and the balance that will occur again longed to walk that path but it’s up to you. High Moon in your Sky moves inland and trends around you. It will not be easy for you month we know that you do not like being shaken up, but it result in something good. And that will be the test to overcome this November: whether or not you have the strength to reach the end of your story. This is a month that you start with some weights that you cannot shake off until the 15th, when Mercury retrograde exit position. It will be a time when many of your ambitions take shape, and you'll be able to answer old questions about yourself. The Moon will give you clarity and mystery inner wealth to understand and a magical attraction for those who want to seek you and find you. Interesting proposals come as loving, but you might want to walk by the implications of stress and need. And when the heart is shaking him, demanding appetites, and while you do not like to leave the burrow. Will you dare to go for what is yours? The pleasure, success, and self-realization.

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