Libra Monthly Horoscope

June 2020

Your ruling planet, Venus, Saturn opposes reflective, and that for you in this month of June is a clear call to set aside reserves and leave you with passion. And speaking of passion we are not referring only to the loving. And it is time to turn to what you can do, to what is your passion, what makes you the person you are. Your passion: writing, sports, dance. It's time to take off the mask production, and regain that plot of yourself where your heart is happy. Venus puts you not on anything easy, and you demand a gesture towards your lost passions. It's time to look in the trunk of dreams that you have been putting off, and say, Why not? It’s never too late, much less whether what we have left open is what we can do great in. Mercury in conjunction with your ruling planet, Venus, will launch a search for the other, for that you need for your good companies fruition. Do not be afraid to ask for help, because the answer will be generous. There are many ways to grow, but only a true one: humility. By the 18th, Jupiter in Cancer promises you a career change, but only if you do not let this opportunity to continue long. We must open our eyes and heart, and know that open door is not going to be forever. You will only be asked to take one step at the decisive moment. The month closes with the Sun opposite Saturn is a transition that will help you bring order to life.

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