Libra Monthly Horoscope

December 2023

This period will test your sense of proportion. Love, that agent is sometimes a friend and sometimes a foe; this month will make grazing enemy fire. Not everything you want is at your fingertips, and you're likely to suffer disappointment. It is very hard to swallow that provide us with the door in his face , leaving us out of the world that had begun to build ... That's the challenge this month. Mars rules over your sky and you know that their presence is not the best influences for you. The heart will present his siege. Have no choice but to accept those imposed on you. And in this case it is a very hard test. Love is a hard way and always leads to real spaces. It is undoubtedly the altar that is at the center of your life, and he bases much of your actions and your decisions. However, it will not pay with the same currency: have to paddle against a bitter stream. And is that love is a two and no matter how hard to build from your bank: a bridge cannot be built from one side. It's time you stop blindly forward and open your eyes: better open and honest refusal to live in a land where only live appearances and illusions. You'll survive. That's the magic of love: no one dies from it and despite the pain leaves us with the generous, open, willing heart. To restart, you have to take the walls that will tumble down anyway.

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