Libra Characteristics

Libra Characteristics Element: Air.
Ruling planet: Venus.
Metal: copper.
Day of the week: Friday.
Perfumes: pine and moss.
Color: gray.
Lucky numbers: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43 and 52.

The Libra are the most civilized people of the zodiac, these have great charm, elegance and good taste, they are friendly and peaceful people, Libras are people who love the beauty and harmony, they are also fully capable of acting impartially to conflict, however, once they have finalized their opinion on a particular issue, they do not like being contradicted, in fact, they like to have the support of those around them.

The native people of the Libra sign tend to be quite sensitive to the needs of others and therefore tend to be very sociable, these people cannot tolerate conflict or cruelty, they try to be very diplomatic in conflict and also try to help finding solutions or to find consensus among the parties that are in a conflict situation. The Libra knows how to appreciate the great efforts of others and like to live and work together.

Libra at Work , People of the Libra sign can be vague, however some of them can have big ambitions, so some of them will have excellent careers in diplomacy since, as we have said before, they are able to see both sides of a same aspect, a debate and thus get to moderate the two views that are opposite.

Since they have a great sense of justice, Libra can become excellent lawyers, and bankers, since they are pretty reliable people, these also have a great capacity as managers, artists, writers and of course, achieve the success working for humanitarian causes.

Libra in Love
People from the sign of Libra are very romantic and even sentimental in their intimate relationships, these are very good as romantic partners who come to understand the situation of their partner during a conflict and are also quite tolerant of the faults of others.

Libras are excellent parents because they worry about and strive to understand and help their children as they grow. These people love their home and of course their marriage, during the time they spend with their lover, their husband or wife and family, is the happiest time of their day.

The ones who belong to this sign are very sensual and eager to explore the limits of their romantic relationships, both spiritually and in physical appearance.

Areas for improvement: his indecision means they can be easily influenced and thereby they change their minds easily, they also tend to be very complacent.

Libra Characteristics

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