Libra and Aries

The Aries and Libra are signs of Fire and Air respectively, allowing them to have relations with a lot of chemistry but one that they must care for after the first days of the relationship; they are likely to enter the routine making their relationship wilt. These two signs are complete opposites and this is what gives them such a low compatibility.

There is nothing between them to unite them, apart from the love they might feel for one another when they fall in love. Aries is a sign that needs new adventures and activities. He is looking for someone with whom he can talk about their emotions with when he is ready and who will not make him share things he does not want to. Libra, on the other hand, is a very balanced person that has to talk about everything and come to a decision with their partner. Therefore, if both want this relationship to work, they will have to change a bit: Aries should try to be a little more open with Libra and Libra will leave more space and time to Aries. Without these small changes in their characters, there is no way that relations will continue over time.

On the sexual plane, these signs are to carry themselves well and this is what can make them think that long and good relations will also be possible for them. It is a couple that must have patience and dialogue. These are the basic pieces that cannot be missing in your relationship.

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