Libra Woman

Libra Woman The Libra woman is very fair and balanced. Although she can sometimes be attracted to something unknown or novelty, usually a person who thinks in all aspects before doing anything.

As a good Libra, a woman born under this sign is balanced in love. She is not a person to run from one end to the other in the emotional field, but usually takes a slow path. She is not a person to make great decisions on the spot, but rather likes to take her time to analyze all aspects of it. In love, Libra is a woman completely to her partner. They are not people to give in so easily, but once they have been conquered, we can be confident that these will be on our side at everything.

It is possible that in the family environment, there may have some discussion with a Libra woman is that these are sincere; they reason why they have acted a certain way and are not easily changed opinion. They may seem cold at times, but beyond this appearance, the Libra will say things when they have leftovers justifications. They are loyal and faithful and it is easy to have a life with them; however, in sex, they may not be the most fiery we can find, but can be sure that the love they give is real.

In friendship, not much to say about the Libra women. They are pretty open and nice people but can seem cold at first contact and that is because the Libra think much about things and not give trust to the first person who passes them ahead. On the other hand, once we have earned her trust, we will have the Libra close for when we need them. Although there may be more or less tense moments due to the sincerity of the Libra, the best friends are those who know how to understand and appreciate her comments.

At work, the Libra are very driven and dynamic people who do not like to always be doing the same things. This is something that makes them change jobs when we least expect, but as a worker and companion having a Libra is like having a treasure.

Not one of the strongest characters we can find and they are not the ones that stand out more, but whoever has a Libra woman really knows how valuable they are.

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